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With our helmsmen boat club app, checking in and out is made easy. download, log in and enjoy a fantastic ibiza boat day out in the sea.

Planning Your Next Adventure Made Easy

Book your boat day easy and quick with our boat club app. Check-in, check-out, owner-bookings - the scheduling will be done via the app, the premium service comes from us. Sail it like you own it, and let us do the work.

Make your reservations

Update your reservations

Check-in and Check-out

Update your personal sailing log

Just  tap  the App  and  sail  it like  you  own  it!

Take control of your Boat Club Membership in the palm of your hands

Rating  the boat condition before departure and after returning  back to the marina is easily done via the app from our boat club.

  • Make your boat day reservation to enjoy the beautiful coves and beach views from Ibiza.

  • Upon arrival, check in: Simply follow the checklist  provided in the  boat club app, add comments and upload pictures. Completed is your boat condition review before your boat day.

  • Upon return, members check-off the boat using the same simple checklist format.

  • Access important boating documents via the Helmsmen Boat Club app.

Our simple boat club app makes it even easier to have your boat ready when you are!


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