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What to Bring

Family Snorkeling

Regardless of your experience it is worth checking to see if you have everything you need to enjoy your sailing course.  Bring layers for cool evenings and shorts for days, don’t forget sun protection.

Aboard shoes

Deck shoes or sailing boots or any white soled shoe are required for when you are on board, the white soles ensure you do not leave marks on the deck.


Lightweight technical polyester based wicking t-shirts and long sleeve tops are best as a base layer, cotton t-shirts tend to stay damp if they get wet.

Sun screen

Regardless of the forecast the sun in Mallorca can be unforgiving and you can be burnt on cloudy days or through light clothes. A good high factor waterproof sunscreen will help you to enjoy your days afloat.

Bottled water

At least two litres of water each


In theory you might say gloves are not essential but seriously do your hands a favour and get some, fingerless for warm weather or full gloves for cooler weather, you won’t regret it.

Lightweight jacket

A lightweight wind and weatherproof jacket is essential, it can be cool in the day especially in a decent breeze and at night the temperature drops away fast at sea.

Short or lightweight trousers

Shorts for the daytime and lightweight trousers for the evenings, surf type shorts dry quickly and can double up as swimming costume.


As with the sunscreen a good hat is necessary both for shade and to help you see when sailing , getting one with a drawstring will stop you losing it over the side in the first breeze.

Any prescription medicines or dietary needs

On the longer courses you could be away from land for several days so please make sure you have an adequate supply of any essential medicines or special dietary requirements.

Hoody or lightweight smock

for the cooler evenings and early mornings.

Soft bag

A soft bag to keep your stuff together that can be stowed easily.

Sea sickness tablets

If you suffer from sea sickness the tablets may well help, follow the instructions on the packaging regarding dosage and when to take your first tablet.

Towel microfiber

A quick drying travel towel is ideal


Your passport is required and you may well need your bank card or cash for if we go ashore.

Sunglasses with retainer

The sun is very bright at sea since as well as direct sunlight light is also reflected off the ocean, a good set of sunglasses are essential, make sure you have a retainer chord, you will be moving around and working on board and many a pair of expensive designer glasses have gone for a one way swim to the ocean floor

The Basics




but pack it well to prevent damage in rougher seas.


For those doing overnight courses then a decent head torch or similar is essential, if you can get a red light torch for evening navigation, it helps you to keep your night vision when reading charts or similar in the dark.

Classroom reference books

For those on the day skipper or above courses your classroom reference books will be useful.



Sailing log

if you already have one.

Cooler Weather

For those taking advantage of the quieter seasons to attend courses in Spring or Autumn there are just a few more items to bring.

Warm hat and scarf

for early mornings.

Waterproof trousers

again rarely needed in Mallorca and usually a lightweight set are ample for any conditions likely to be encountered.



Plan to be able to layer your clothing for night or early morning watches, genrally a lightweight jacket is fine if you have several layers beneath.

Set of full oilers

are rarely required in Mallorca in the times that our courses are conducted but if you have a good sailing jacket then bring it along.

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