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Leave the oilers and heavy coats at home and learn to sail in spectacular Mallorca, where the skies are sunny 2,750 hours of the year and perfect sailing winds provide the ideal conditions for an adventure of a lifetime.


Learn how to develop weather predictions using a barometer and by observation. Learn how to take and interpret weather forecasts.

Spring is the sunny season, especially during May. However, it remains sunny from June to August. Atlantic disturbances begin to reach the island in September, and therefore, the sun is not always guaranteed during that time. The months of March to May is the best time to visit Mallorca. That’s when the temperatures are mild, and the tourists are few.

From June to mid-September is a fantastic time for a sailing and beach holiday in Mallorca. The water temperature is comfortable enough to take a swim in the gorgeous, crystalline Mediterranean waters. June is a sunny month, but the sea waters are crisp and cool. In early May, the sea is cold, and sometimes the wind is a bit chilly, but a light jacket will be enough to keep you warm while taking awesome RYA sailing courses.

During the summer months, it is hot and sunny with rare thundershowers. There is some tropical humidity, but the sea breeze provides cool relief. However, there are some extremely hot periods in which the temperatures reach 37-38 degrees C (99-100F).  

In Palma, Mallorca’s largest city, the average temperature ranges from 9.5 degrees C (49F) in January and February to a perfect 24.5 C (76F) in August.

With the gentle, reliable winds, rainfall is rare in Mallorca. It amounts to only about 400 millimeters per year, following the general Mediterranean pattern. It hardly ever rains in the summer in Mallorca.  From October to April, Mallorca can be quite windy, but this is ideal for learning to sail. The northern mountains partially protect the plain from the north winds that blow from France.

The winter months, from December to February, are mild with sunny days and some periods of rain and wind. Atlantic or Mediterranean depressions can affect the island in winter, decreasing the number of sunny days. Snowfall in Mallorca is extremely rare at sea level, but it’s common in the mountains.  

It is very characteristic in the Mediterranean to find long periods of gentle winds that often alternate with episodes of strong winds. Sometimes those quick changes can produce bad sea conditions. However, the strong winds don’t generally blow during the summer months. They are mostly characteristic of winter and sometimes autumn.

Mallorca has the ideal climate combined with spectacular sailing conditions to make it the perfect place to learn to sail.

Build your miles towards your next RYA certification across 3 legs, from Palma de Mallorca to Gibraltar, on to Madeira, finishing in the capital of the famous Canary Islands, Las Palmas. This trip will immensely improve your sailing abilities as we traverse a variety of challenging conditions across large spanses and learn more about offshore passage-making techniques, watch systems, and offshore safety.

Come enjoy the beautiful weather on our sunny Mediterranean Island

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