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RYA Navigation Handbook 2nd Edition


Coastal Skipper

The Motor Coastal Skipper RYA course is tailored for proficient motorboat enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills in handling motor yachts along coastal waters. This course is meticulously crafted to empower participants with advanced navigation techniques, refined boat-handling abilities, and the strategic prowess required to navigate coastal waters competently.

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Participants will delve into an array of practical exercises and theoretical modules that emphasize mastering intricate aspects of motorboat handling, including advanced navigation principles, efficient passage planning, and the adept management of diverse coastal conditions.

A pivotal aspect of completing the Motor Coastal Skipper RYA course is the opportunity to acquire a recognized boating license or boat license endorsed by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). This esteemed certification serves as a testament to the participant's proficiency in motorboat operation and navigation, validating their expertise and enabling them to partake in a spectrum of maritime endeavors.

Throughout the course, individuals will refine their skills in various critical areas, such as conducting precise maneuvers in confined spaces, maintaining optimal speed and fuel efficiency, and implementing safety protocols to address emergency situations effectively. By the conclusion of the course, participants will emerge as skilled motor coastal skippers, equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate coastal waters expertly, make informed decisions under pressure, and undertake exhilarating motor yachting adventures with finesse.



Position Fixing

Develop skills using electronic position-finding equipment. Learn the basics of course shaping and plotting.

Advanced Passage Planning

Take charge of a yacht and direct the crew while organizing the navigation, deckwork, and domestic duties of a yacht on passage. Learn to use electronic navigational equipment for planning and undertaking a passage, including the use of waypoints and routes.

Tidal Knowledge

Develop knowledge about tides and how to navigate sailing passages with a consideration of high and low tides.

Use of Almanacs and Admiralty Publications

Learn how to utilize these tools and resources to better plan a safe passage.

Plotting Weather Systems

Learn how to develop weather predictions using a barometer and by observation. Learn how to take and interpret weather forecasts.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Preparation skills for heavy weather and yacht handling in strong winds. Learn navigation and general conduct for when there is restricted visibility.

Collision Regulations

Discover the advanced rules of the road.

Customs and Excise Regulations for Cruising Abroad

Learn how to navigate customs procedures when checking your crew and yacht into another country.

Emergency Situations

Develop in-depth skills in recovery of man overboard under power and sail. Understand the actions to be taken when abandoning to the life raft and during helicopter and lifeboat rescues.


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Duration & Experience Required

‍The RYA Coastal Skipper course includes five day and night days of hands-on, practical training.

Experience required:

  • Completion of RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Theory Course

  • 300 nautical miles

  • 15 days of sailing (2 of which as a skipper)

  • 8 night hours onboard a sailing yacht

  • The participant also needs to be in a physical shape that allows the participant to be able to take part in all the sailing exercises.

What should you bring

Even in Ibiza, there can be sudden shifts in weather when you are sailing in the open sea. You should come prepared with a variety of clothing options and plenty of sun protection. You should bring along the recommended list of items found on the Following page.

What's included

  • Accommodation on the yacht 

  • Drinks and lunch, which you can have in one of our beautiful coves in Ibiza, if the weather permits

  • Fuel costs and mooring

  • Insurance while onboard

  • Fresh towels, bed linen, pillow and a duvet

  • Training from one of our highly qualified and certified instructors 

  • Travel insurance, accommodation offboard, and any other expenses will be covered by the student.

  • For any questions or special requirements, please feel free reach out to us.​

Join now and get your RYA boat license in Ibiza


Helmsmen Course

The RYA Helmsman Course is specifically designed for individuals seeking to enhance their boat handling skills and gain a solid foundation in seamanship. This course is ideal for those who want to take on more responsibility on board, whether you are a beginner looking to build confidence or an experienced crew member aiming to refine your skills. 

Day Skipper

The Motor Day Skipper RYA course in Ibiza is a specialized training program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate and skipper a motor yacht during daylight hours in coastal waters.


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