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RYA Sail Yachtmaster
Coastal / Offshore - Prep week

The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore Sail Prep Week is an intensive training program designed to prepare sailors for the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal certification. This specialized course focuses on refining the skills necessary for coastal navigation, passage planning, boat handling, and safety procedures. 

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Participants will engage in practical training sessions under the guidance of experienced RYA instructors to enhance their seamanship abilities and build confidence in handling vessels in coastal waters. By the end of the prep week, sailors will be better equipped to undertake the Yachtmaster Coastal examination with competence and readiness. Join the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Prep Week to elevate your sailing proficiency and work towards achieving this prestigious certification.



Boat Preparation

Learn how to thoroughly prepare your vessel for a sea journey, including conducting pre-departure checks, ensuring safety equipment is ready, and verifying weather forecasts.

Boat Handling

 Gain practical skills in handling lines, fenders, and sails, ensuring efficient and safe operations on deck.


Understand the basics of maritime navigation, including chart reading, plotting courses, and using GPS and other navigational aids to ensure safe travel.


Learn the techniques for navigating in coastal waters and harbors, using visual references and pilotage charts for precise maneuvering.


Study weather patterns, forecasts, and how to interpret meteorological data to make informed decisions while at sea.

Rules of the Road

Familiarize yourself with the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, including right-of-way rules and proper signaling.

Maintenance and Repair Work

Gain knowledge on routine maintenance tasks and basic repair techniques to keep your vessel in good working condition.


Understand the operation and maintenance of marine engines, including troubleshooting common issues and performing regular checks.


Learn how to provision your boat for a voyage, including selecting and storing food, managing water supplies, and ensuring nutritional needs are met.

Emergency Situations

Prepare for potential emergencies by learning the procedures for dealing with situations like fire, flooding, medical issues, and abandoning ship.

Yacht Handling Under Power

Develop the skills needed to maneuver a yacht using its engine, including docking, anchoring, and handling in tight spaces.

Passage Making

Understand the planning and execution of longer sea passages, including route planning, watchkeeping, and managing the crew.

Night Cruising

Learn the techniques for safe navigation and boat handling during nighttime, including the use of lights, night vision, and radar.


Master the art of steering the boat, maintaining course, and making precise maneuvers under various conditions.

General Duties

Gain an understanding of the daily tasks and responsibilities on board, including managing the crew, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring the overall well-being of the vessel and its occupants.

Join now and get your RYA boat license in Ibiza


Duration & Experience Required

‍The RYA Coastal Skipper course includes five day and night days of hands-on, practical training.

Experience required:

  • Completion of RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Theory Course

  • 300 nautical miles

  • 15 days of sailing (2 of which as a skipper)

  • 8 night hours onboard a sailing yacht

  • The participant also needs to be in a physical shape that allows the participant to be able to take part in all the sailing exercises.

What should you bring

Even in Ibiza, there can be sudden shifts in weather when you are sailing in the open sea. You should come prepared with a variety of clothing options and plenty of sun protection. You should bring along the recommended list of items found on the Following page.

What's included

  • Accommodation on the yacht 

  • Drinks and lunch, which you can have in one of our beautiful coves in Ibiza, if the weather permits

  • Fuel costs and mooring

  • Insurance while onboard

  • Fresh towels, bed linen, pillow and a duvet

  • Training from one of our highly qualified and certified instructors 

  • Travel insurance, accommodation offboard, and any other expenses will be covered by the student.

  • For any questions or special requirements, please feel free reach out to us.​

RYA Navigation Handbook 2nd Edition



RYA Motor Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore

The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore - Motor course in Ibiza is globally recognized qualification signifies a skipper's experience and competence, allowing individuals to work as a skipper on commercial boats up to 200gt.

RYA Yachtmaster
Coastal / Offshore Prep Week

The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Sail Prep Week course is a comprehensive training program designed to prepare experienced sailors for the challenges of achieving their Yachtmaster licenses. 

RYA Yachtmaster Mileage Building

The RYA Yachtmaster Mileage Building Course provides a unique opportunity for aspiring sailors to accumulate valuable sea miles and practical experience necessary for obtaining advanced boating licenses and certifications. 


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