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RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes

RYA Navigation Handbook 2nd Edition

3. Day Skipper

The Day Skipper RYA course is a comprehensive sailing program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely skipper a yacht during daylight hours in familiar waters. This detailed course description will give you a clear understanding of what to expect when enrolling in an RYA Day Skipper course.


The course is structured to cover both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring a well-rounded education in all aspects of sailing. It is suitable for beginners who have little to no sailing experience, as well as for more experienced sailors looking to enhance their skills and gain a recognized certification.

The theoretical component of the course covers topics such as navigation, chart work, pilotage, meteorology, rules of the road, safety procedures, and passage planning. Students will learn to interpret nautical charts, plot courses, calculate tidal heights and streams, and understand weather patterns. These skills are essential for planning and executing safe and successful voyages.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the practical component of the course focuses on developing sailing skills and seamanship. Students will gain hands-on experience in boat handling, sail trimming, crew management, anchoring, mooring, and maneuvering in various conditions. Emphasis is placed on practical application, allowing students to build confidence in their abilities to handle a yacht effectively. The training is conducted both onshore and afloat, with a combination of classroom sessions, simulator exercises, and on-the-water training.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to practice their skills in real-life scenarios, such as navigation exercises, night sailing, and passage planning. This practical application allows students to develop their decision-making abilities, gain experience in different sailing conditions, and learn to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

At the end of the course, students will undergo an assessment to demonstrate their proficiency in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Successful completion of the assessment will result in the award of the RYA Day Skipper certificate, which is recognized worldwide and serves as a valuable credential for those looking to charter yachts or pursue further sailing qualifications.

The RYA Day Skipper course offers a comprehensive and structured approach to sailing education, providing individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently skipper a yacht in daylight hours. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, this course will equip you with the competence and confidence to navigate and sail safely in familiar waters.



Preparations for Sea

Learn how to prep the ship, rig the sails, and how to create a checklist for the crew of key departure protocol.

Deck Work

Learn how to maintain the deck for efficient sailing and how to properly delegate tasks to crew members. You will also learn the valuable skills of sail trimming and develop an understanding of the efficient use of sails.


You’ll learn more in-depth, advanced navigation skills to extend the knowledge learned in previous RYA course.


Learn how to plan a safe passage that includes being familiar with the berthing situation at your destination.


Receive more advanced skills about weather mapping and planning a passage with critical weather scenarios in mind.

Rules of the Road

Become more familiar with some of the more intricate rules of sea engagement and proper etiquette while meeting other yachts on a sailing passage. You will be able to read the traffic and navigate your way into crowded ports.

Maintenance and Repair Work

Maintaining the electrical and mechanical systems onboard is important for every skipper. You’ll increase your maintenance and repair skills during this hands-on course.


Learn how to properly maintain and operate the engine.


Learn the basics of provisioning and meal planning to carefully care for your crew.

Emergency Situations

The skipper must be in charge during emergency situations. Learn how to handle the most common emergencies that can happen onboard.

Yacht Handling Under Sail and Under Power

important for the skipper to be able to handle the yacht in every circumstance, whether at sea under full sail or while under power during berthing.

Passage Making

Learn how to carefully plan and prepare for a short passage.

Night Cruising

Even on short cruises, you may be forced to sail after the sun goes down. Sailing at night requires additional skills that you will learn in the RYA Day Skipper course.

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Duration & Experience Required

The RYA Day Skipper Course includes five fun-filled days of practical, hands-on training, along with opportunities to make new friends with your fun crew.

Experience required:

  • RYA Day Skipper Theory Course

  • 100 nautical miles

  • 5 days of sailing

  • 4 night hours onboard a sailing yacht

It is a general requirement in sailing that the participant is in good physical shape.

What should you bring

Even in Ibiza, there can be sudden shifts in weather when you are sailing in the open sea. You should come prepared with a variety of clothing options and plenty of sun protection. You should bring along the recommended list of items found on the Following page.

What's included

  • Marina fees

  • Insurance while a board

  • All mooring and fuel costs

  • Please note, price does not include accommodation on shore, travel insurance, and any other trip expenses.


1. Start Yachting

Are you new to sailing and want to learn what it's like? This sailing course is the perfect 2 day introduction to cruising sailing for beginners.

 2. Competent Crew

This course is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to steer a boat under power and sail, and who want to become an active member of a crew.

4. Coastal Skipper

The RYA Coastal Skipper course is ideal for all sailors, who have considerable sailing experience, and want to be able to take a sailing yacht through coastal passages for day and night 


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