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RYA Helmsman Course

The RYA Helmsman Course is specifically designed for individuals seeking to enhance their boat handling skills and gain a solid foundation in seamanship. This course is ideal for those who want to take on more responsibility on board, whether you are a beginner looking to build confidence or an experienced crew member aiming to refine your skills. 

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The comprehensive program covers essential aspects of boat handling and safety, including basic navigation and pilotage, boat handling under power, rope work, mooring and anchoring, safety procedures, and engine checks and basic maintenance.

The two-day course combines theoretical lessons with extensive practical training on the water, starting each day with classroom sessions followed by hands-on practice on our well-equipped training vessels. By the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of boat handling and seamanship, and the confidence to take on the role of a helmsman.


Successful completion of the course awards the RYA Helmsman Certificate, a globally recognized qualification that can serve as a crucial step towards obtaining a boating license, including a valid boat license Spain. This course is suitable for beginners, experienced crew members, and aspiring skippers looking to progress to advanced RYA courses. With expert instruction, an optimal learning environment in the beautiful surroundings of Ibiza, and hands-on experience on our modern fleet, Ibiza Nautical Academy offers the perfect setting for your maritime education.

The course lasts for 2 days and has no prerequisites. Set sail on a new adventure and become a confident helmsman!



Boat Preparation

Learn how to prepare your boat for a trip, including checking equipment, fuel levels, weather conditions, and ensuring all necessary safety gear is on board and in good working order.

Boat Handling

 Gain practical experience in maneuvering a boat, including controlling speed, direction, and performing tight turns in various conditions.

Securing to a Buoy

Master the methods for safely and effectively securing your boat to a buoy, ensuring stability and security while moored.

Berthing Alongside

Practice the skills needed to safely berth alongside docks or other boats, focusing on precision and control in various weather and tidal conditions.

Man Overboard

Learn the critical procedures for responding to a man overboard situation, including locating the person, maneuvering the boat, and safely retrieving them from the water.

Types of Craft

Understand the characteristics and handling differences of various types of boats, from small powerboats to larger yachts, and how these differences impact navigation and safety.

Engines and Drives

Understand the basics of marine engines and drive systems, including routine maintenance checks to ensure reliable operation.

Engine Operation and Maintenance

Learn detailed procedures for operating and maintaining your boat's engine, including troubleshooting common issues and performing regular upkeep to extend the engine's life.

Safety and Seamanship

Familiarize yourself with essential safety practices and the principles of good seamanship, including effective communication, emergency procedures, and maintaining a safe and orderly vessel.

Rules of the Road

Study the rules and regulations designed to prevent collisions at sea, including understanding right-of-way, proper signaling, and other navigational laws to ensure safe and compliant boating.

Join now and get your RYA boat license in Ibiza


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Duration & Experience Required

‍The RYA Helmsman course includes Two days of hands-on, practical training.

Experience required:

​The RYA Helmsman's course is tailored for individuals with limited experience, making it accessible to all who are at least 12 years old.

While no formal prerequisites are necessary, please note that all motor courses involve a degree of physical activity. If you have any concerns about your ability to participate, we encourage you to contact us for further discussion.

What should you bring

Prepare for varying weather conditions by packing a range of clothing suitable for both sunny and cooler days at sea.

Essential sun protection items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are recommended.

Refer to the recommended packing list for further details.

What's included

  • Marina fees

  • Insurance coverage while aboard

  • All mooring and fuel costs during the course

Please Note: The course fee excludes accommodation ashore, travel insurance, and personal expenses incurred during the trip.


Day Skipper

The Motor Day Skipper RYA course in Ibiza is a specialized training program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate and skipper a motor yacht during daylight hours in coastal waters.

Coastal Skipper

The Motor Coastal Skipper RYA course is tailored for proficient motorboat enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills in handling motor yachts along coastal waters. 


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